Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

Increase Your Home Workout Efficiency with Adjustable Dumbbells

Maintaining an exercise routine is difficult. The key to sticking to any new habit is to make the activity as easy as possible, and that starts with identifying the pain points. 

Most people who struggle to work out regularly cite their tight schedules as the biggest roadblock. Despite this, making fitness a higher priority can be achieved… if you can make the action of actually working out as easy and efficient as possible. 

For example - while it’s difficult to go to the gym 5 days a week, it’s much easier to slide out a pair of adjustable dumbbells from under the bed and do a 30-minute strength training workout at home before work. This blog post discusses all the benefits adjustable dumbbells have in helping you train more efficiently and reach your fitness goals. 


Before we get into the benefits of adjustable dumbbells, let’s be clear on exactly what they are.

The best adjustable dumbbells offer you a wide range of weights in one compact package. Different weight options are available based on your needs. Better Body offers the 70 lb set44 lb set, and a 25lb set replacing 9,  6, and 5 sets respectively. In Canada, we also offer a 90 lb and 52 lb variant that replace 17 and 15 sets respectively.

Unlike traditional or fixed dumbbells you can easily shift to lighter weights or heavier weights. You don't have to remove weight plates as you would do for individual dumbbells.

The weights can easily be adjusted by twisting the handle. The dumbbells are sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing when you want to display them. They are portable and space efficient when it’s time to tuck them away. With a pair of adjustable dumbbells, you’re equipped to train for your fitness goals within the comfort of your own home.


Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

 1 set of Adjustable Dumbbells means any room is a home gym.

People want to have home gyms because of the ease of working out. Want to roll out of bed and put in some reps? You can, with a home gym. Can’t sleep, and need to work those thoughts out of your mind? No problem, with a home gym.

Thing is, space is limited ... we can’t always get what we want - even if it’s a sparkling, immaculately clean private athletic facility. 

 It’s alright though, we don’t really need all that luxury. Adjustable dumbbells (which replace up to 17 sets of dumbbells) and a yoga mat are the next best thing, promise.

The draw of a room that is just a gymnasium is the mindset we put on when we enter the space. This is our space just for working out, so here is where we work out. 

You can tweak your mindset to accept working out at home by selecting a special corner where you will always store your adjustable dumbbells and yoga mat when it’s time to work out. This is your sacred space for personal development, and you can treat it this way.


Adjustable dumbbells are safer than barbells and easier on your joints

Barbells are often favoured for compound exercises like heavy back squats, bench presses and deadlifts… but you are at risk if you get stuck under a rep without a spotter. You also need to go to an athletic facility to use a barbell rack. Barbells are nice to use when you can, but they’re not a necessity.

Using adjustable dumbbells consistently and applying progressive overload (either via dumbbell curls, weights, reps or resistance bands) is more than enough for muscle building training and strength training… with the benefit of safety and convenience. You get a more natural range of motion with dumbbells, and these natural movements are easier on your joints than with barbells.

Some exercises that are safer to execute with dumbbells are:

  • Lateral raise
  • Bicep Curls
  • Triceps kick-backs
  • Lunge
  • Overhead press


Adjustable Dumbbells Allow Equal Stress Distribution

When working out with a barbell, you may sometimes overcompensate on the exercise with your stronger side. This can cause uneven muscle development or injury. The benefits of adjustable dumbbells are, you are carrying each weight with each hand, ensuring even distribution without the hassle of changing weight plates manually. This means more balanced muscle growth, increased muscle flexibility and increased mind-muscle connection while reducing the risk of injury.


Adjustable dumbbells maximize muscle development

To have the optimal rate of muscle growth, you must incorporate progressive overload into your training routine. This means progressively making the exercise more difficult over time. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to continuously challenge yourself, applying the stress you need to make your muscle fibers grow.

As briefly mentioned above, imbalanced muscle activation (if using a barbell) leads to disproportionate muscle growth. Exercising with adjustable dumbbells, that doesn't require changing weight plates manually helps to correct these imbalances because you are distributing the weight evenly. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Adjustable Dumbbells

Does exercising with dumbbells help in reducing belly fat?

There is no one item you can purchase to reduce belly fat. You need consistent strength training, bodyweight training and a good nutrition plan/balanced diet to reduce your body fat percentage. This will result in having a healthy body weight instead of losing weight unnecessarily. Having adjustable dumbbells at home means it is much easier and more convenient for you to stick to your fitness goals. 

To burn the most fat, we recommend incorporating compound lifts into your routine - exercises that use multiple sets of muscles.

What are the benefits of lifting weights?

Weight training offers up a tremendous amount of health benefits and these modern dumbbells are all you really need to get started. Here are some of the many health benefits of weight lifting: 

  • Consistent strength training with weights can help improve your bone health and prevent osteoporosis-related fractures.
  • Strength training boosts your immunity by increasing blood circulation.
  • Weight training is more effective at burning fat than excessive cardio.
  • Lifting weights alleviates stress, improving your mental health and self-perception.

Are adjustable dumbbells worth it? 

Adjustable dumbbells allow you all the benefits of lifting weights without the need for a full gymnasium of equipment. They are compact and easy to store when you aren’t using them. They allow you to show up consistently for your training - even if you only have a spare 30 minutes at a time. The investment in an adjustable dumbbell set saves you time and mental energy - your next great workouts are right there, within reach.

If you are a parent it can be hard to work out a schedule, with the kids and jobs, but with an adjustable dumbbell set, you are never stuck. All you need is a set of weights that can go from around 5 pounds to about 120 pounds. That way, you can workout when it's convenient for you. It does not matter if you lift weights in the morning, after work or at night. All that matters is that you have a set of adjustable weights and dumbbells and make it happen.

With adjustable dumbbells in your own home gym, you can get a decent workout anytime, anywhere! It does not matter if you are at home or away from home, you can always get in a quick workout. I don't know about anybody else, but when I travel out of town on business, the only thing that makes me feel better is hitting the gym and working out. On top of that, they are not all that expensive if you wanted to buy your own set. It doesn't have space requirements issues and there is a budget friendly option.