Training Days in Vegas: Sweat, Strength, and Strategy with Marcus Hunt

Training Days in Vegas: Sweat, Strength, and Strategy with Marcus Hunt

Training Days in Vegas: Sweat, Strength, and Strategy with Marcus Hunt

Better Body team Max and Scott just wrapped up an epic Vegas training session with the phenomenal Marcus Hunt, our friend and hybrid athlete who embodies the fusion of strength, endurance, and sheer will.

[Pictured: Better Body Power Rack]

Day 1 & 2: Grit and Family Ties

Over two grueling days, Marcus got Scott acquainted with his training routine. 

They kicked off with an upper-body strength workout, showcasing Marcus’s formidable conditioning, and rounded off with a 5km run through the sizzling streets of Vegas. 

The following day, they hit the lower body, where Marcus, true to his relentless nature, went head-to-head with a 700lb deadlift. Despite not nailing it, his attempt was nothing short of inspiring. 

Afterward, it wasn’t just the weights that brought everyone together but also Marcus’s welcoming family, who shared in another 5km run.

 [Pictured: Better Body Twist Dumbbells]

In the Home Gym of a Hybrid Athlete

Marcus’s home gym is his sanctuary—a place where marathons and deadlifts coexist. 

In Marcus’ gym is the Power Rack, Heavy Duty Bench, Premium Barbell and Weight Plates - equipment that support him in his quest for peak performance. 

Our visit was more than a physical test; it was a peek into the heart and mind of a man who, at a young 17, deadlifted 635lbs. A man fluent in Portuguese, thanks to two transformative years in Brazil. A man who, while chasing the extraordinary, remains grounded in gratitude, family, and faith.

As Scott shared laughs, stories, and training struggle with Marcus, it was clear—this athlete’s drive, fueled by a love for challenge and community, makes him more than a fitness powerhouse; he’s a beacon for anyone daring to redefine their limits.

Until Next Time, Vegas

Our Vegas visit may have been short, but the lessons in endurance, adaptability, and human spirit were vast. 

We’re bringing back more than just memories—we’re bringing back new strategies to challenge our Better Body community.

Watch our Vegas Recap Video for all the action, and remember, whether you're lifting at home or running a trail, it’s not just about the equipment; it’s about the heart you put into every rep and every mile.

Until the next adventure!