How do adjustable dumbbells work?

How do adjustable dumbbells work?

What is an adjustable dumbbell?

The home gym has gone from luxury to necessity as commercial gyms and fitness classes become unreliable, uncomfortable and inconvenient during the pandemic. 

Many gyms are now requiring attendees to book their slots in, only to arrive and find a full gym, lacklustre sanitary standards, and the suffocating sensation of a masked workout. Sometimes things happen and you can’t make it to the gym until an hour after your scheduled time. What then? 

I see you cringe at the idea of a home workout, which brings to mind yoga mats and bodyweight squats. It doesn’t give you the challenge you need to get that pump! 

Home workouts don’t need to be limited to bodyweight exercises. Gym lovers just like you are getting creative to get that much-needed pump even at home, and gaining more time while they’re at it.

Adjustable dumbbells are the affordable and compact solution to completing your home gym set-up. Replacing up to 9 pairs of dumbbells and reaching up to 70lbs, owning a set of adjustable dumbbells means a challenging strength training workout is within reach from the comfort of your home. 

But are they right for you? Read on to learn all about adjustable dumbbells.


What are adjustable dumbbells?

While fixed dumbbells are a fixed structure with two even weights on either side connected by a small, hand-shaped bar, adjustable dumbbells come with plates that can be loaded, unloaded and locked. The mechanism for loading and unloading varies with a spinlock or twist handle mechanism. They can replace up to 9 pairs of fixed dumbbells, while only taking up the space of 1 pair. 


What are the advantages of adjustable dumbbells?

Save Time

The biggest roadblock we all struggle with when trying to maintain a workout regimen is time. There’s never enough of it, and when there is, we might need to do something else. You really have to prioritize our training to make it happen. The first advantage of owning a pair of adjustable dumbbells is all the time you’ll save from no longer needing to trek to the gym. Having a pair means you’re only a 30 minute super-set morning session away from replacing up to two hours in your evenings.


Save Space 

Adjustable dumbbells are compact, space-efficient, and easy to store away and out of sight. A set of fixed dumbbells that will give you the range of weights you need to consistently get stronger takes up a lot of space. If you had a designated space for a gym, a full rack would work with the aesthetic… but most of the time those working out at home don’t need to look at their equipment when they aren’t using it. Because 1 pair of adjustable dumbbells can replace 9 pairs of fixed dumbbells, all the workout equipment you need is right there at arm’s reach from the comfort of your home, even with limited space.


Variety of Workouts - Advantage of Weight Range

Kettlebells offer you heavier weights in only one structure, so they could save some space. However, unlike kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells allow you to work both sides equally at once. Single dumbbell exercises can be performed very easily. They are easy to adjust and convenient for switching weights between exercises.


How do you get the most out of your adjustable dumbbells?


The best Adjustable dumbbells are available in varying weight ranges, from 4.5-44 lbs to 4.5-70 lbs. You need to decide which range is most realistic for you. And these are made with the intent of quieter workouts durable molding techniques. If you will only need up to 44 lbs, go for the smaller set. Once you reach that maximum weight of 44 lbs, you can increase the intensity of your workouts by doing super-sets or using resistance bands.

The key with any strength training routine is progressive overload. If your goal is to get as strong as you possibly can and hope to lift 70 lbs in your sets, go for the bigger set. This gives you the freedom to continue training until you are able to hit that desired weight. You can also increase the intensity of your workouts by doing super-sets or using resistance bands, just make sure you give yourself proper recovery time.


How do you adjust weight settings in adjustable dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells come in different variations. You can get a spin lock mechanism where you unscrew the lock and load more weight plate on for weights adjust. Or you can choose a pair with a twist handle mechanism that allows you to adjust the weight just by twisting the handle. A pair of E-Z twist adjustable dumbbell adjusts mid-workout very easily.


Can adjustable dumbbells be dropped? 

We don’t recommend dropping any weights. To prevent this, choose a set of adjustable dumbbells that have good knurling on the handles. Knurling is the texture on the handle that helps you maintain a good grip. 

People often drop weights either from fatigue or by accident. Losing control like this can lead to self-injury. You should always take precautions so you don’t drop weights, including adjustable dumbbells. 

Adjustable dumbbells have moving parts inside them that can be damaged with impact. This type of damage counts as ‘misuse’ which may void your limited warranty.


What does a complete home gym with adjustable dumbbells look like? 

A “home gym” doesn’t need to look like The Rock’s gym on MTV Cribs. If you have a yoga mat or shock reducing pads, resistance bands, a jump rope and adjustable dumbbell sets…. You have all you need for a killer workout and recovery. 

Adjustable dumbbells' worth is incomparable. It can help you get that daily pump just steps from your bed. They are the compact solution to completing your home gym. A quick morning workout with a set of adjustable dumbbells will free up your time and help you reach your fitness goals.