Collection: Weight Sets for Home Gym

Heavy duty home gym weight sets

Bundle up and save with our home gym weight sets. From Cast Iron Kettlebells to a Power Bundle with Incline Squat Rack, we've got everything you need for your journey to a better body. Sleek and stylish, these sets are made from professional-grade materials and are incredibly durable. They'll take anything you throw their way, and come with our free 2 year warranty. Just make sure you pick up some Home Gym Flooring to protect your home.If you're looking to keep your home gym in a small space, then check out our Twist Dumbbells & Premium Bench Bundle. Perfect for building power and strength, this gear is clean and minimalist, and the twist dumbbells replace up to 9 sets of dumbbells. So you don't have to worry about compromising on your strength training.


There are many different types of dumbbells and weights. Choosing the right one for your home workout will depend on your fitness goals. Hex dumbbells are no-nonsense and reliable. Adjustable dumbbells are space-saving and allow you to adjust the weight with a flick of the wrist. (If you're just starting off working out from home, you can't go wrong with the Better Body Starter Adjustable Dumbbell Set.) Another option is weight plates which are paired with barbells to build mass, strength, and power. And kettlebells offer a different type of workout from traditional dumbbells.

Yes, definitely. Our home gym weight sets are designed for strength-training and muscle building from the convenience of home. Check out our guide on the best dumbbell exercises for inspiration on how you can lose weight and build muscle. To get the best results, we recommend you start slowly with weights that challenge you, and gradually work your way upwards. It's also important to stick to a workout routine.