Better Body Update: We moved to Houston!

Better Body Update: We moved to Houston!

Since starting Better Body Equipment in February 2020, we’ve equipped home gyms of all sizes, for 20K+ people all across the continent. In those early days, going to the gym wasn't an option… resulting in a need for affordable, high quality and space saving fitness gear. 

As we grew, so did the challenge of increasing inventory and minimizing shipping time. After a hectic few months - we made the move that will allow us to optimize shipping to all of our customers. 

Here’s how it all happened…

The Better Body Team
Our 3 Co-Founders Saam, Cooper & Max and our
Head of Customer Service, Kiyan in our first YVR warehouse

From YVR to LAX

Our first step was to acquire a bigger Vancouver warehouse - moving from our first 3000 sq ft home base to our current 12000 sq foot office warehouse.

This eased our inventory pressures, but we already had our eyes on the next phase, which was to build a home base in the USA and streamline shipping to our growing American clientele.

In January 2022 we headed to Califonia and set ourselves up in Vernon - a place to rest for our team who’d take turns manning the fort at our newly acquired LA warehouse. This was the beginning of something huge…. Little did we know, soon we’d be making an even bigger move.

From LA to Houston

Around every corner doing business is the possibility of needing to pivot, make a big decision, and execute a monumental task. In August, 22, 6 months after opening our LA warehouse, we made the decision to move our American distribution centre to Texas.

The costs we'll save moving to Texas will be huge for Better Body, ultimately helping us maximize our distribution efficiency all across the entire USA. Even if we knew it was the right decision, it was still nerve racking leading up to it… needing to adapt to a new state, make new contacts and start from scratch. 

It all came to a head within the last week, as 2 of our co-founders Max and Cooper got busy packing up our LA warehouse to get ready for the big moving day.

All of our LA inventory was loaded into 5 Houston bound semi-trucks, with Max and Cooper in hot pursuit. They took turns driving 5 hour shifts for 22 hours non stop to beat the trucks so they can unload and complete the Houston move. 

On the drive, Max and Coop listened to podcasts like All In and Shopify Masters -
and when they got tired, they put on electro and rap.

All of the hard work was worth it though… because Max & Cooper’s 22 hour drive and immediate unloading and organizing of the new warehouse meant that orders could be fulfilled the next day without delay… much faster than before.

In photo: Better Body Twist Adjustable Dumbbells & Rack Bundle + Premium Weight Bench

While we were at our LA warehouse, orders took 5-6 business days to get to the East Coast. From Texas, most orders will get to customers across the US within 3 days. This is huge for us - because at the end of the day we know the importance of momentum, and we want to ensure you get your home gym equipment as quickly as possible. An added bonus? Our Houston warehouse allows more space for more inventory. 

More product in the warehouse and faster shipping… More home gyms, more people improving their physical and mental fitness.

Building Better Body has been a tough road filled with countless material and mental obstacles.

But if there’s one thing a regular fitness routine taught our leadership team, it’s that you must always keep going. If we want to pursue better physical health, improved mental wellness, or career success… we must always persevere. 

Thank you for sticking it out with us. 

BBE would not be here without all of you.

Cheers to the next chapter 🥂

The Better Body Team