Home Gym Gift Guide for Every Space

Home Gym Gift Guide for Every Space

Every year around the holidays, thousands flock to their local gym determined to get a head start on their new years’ fitness goals.

They sign up, muster all their motivation and walk in… only to find the place is crowded, smells terrible, and all the equipment they want to use is taken.

If they didn’t simply leave outright, they left feeling unsatisfied with their workout.

There’s a better way to invest in your health, avoid the monthly fees, crowds and the cold winter weather. 

Home workouts help you achieve your strength and mental health goals, without added costs and stress.

As we approach the holiday season, read on for our Home Gym Gift Guide for Every Space. In this article, we go over… 

  • Why Home Workouts
  • Home Gyms for Small Apartments
  • Living Room Home Gyms
  • Home Gyms in Spare Rooms
  • The Garage or Basement Gym

In Photo: Adjustable Kettlebell, Exercise Mat, Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Rack, Bundle 

Why home workouts?

Going to a commercial gym is a great way to access a variety of equipment, meet other fitness lovers, and get out of the house. The problem is that it can also mean less flexibility in your workouts.

With rising living costs, gas commute expenses and monthly fees add up. Also factor in time costs from traveling to the gym and extended wait times trying to get your desired machines… working out shouldn’t be this hard. 

All of that is a non issue with home workouts. 

No rush hour traffic, no waiting for equipment, and no worries about forgetting essential items like headphones or a water bottle at home. 

In Photo: Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Folding Exercise Bench, Bundle

Home Gyms for Small Apartments

Small spaces mean you need compact equipment.

Most small apartments feature one small bedroom and a small living / dining area attached to the kitchen. There’s not too much space or storage for gym equipment… but that doesn’t need to stop you.

The answer? Picking pieces that can be hidden out of plain sight. 

In photo: Folding Exercise Bench

Adjustable Dumbbells and a Folding Bench are the perfect option to allow challenging full body strength training in even the smallest apartments. 

Once you’re done, just store them out of sight for a decluttered living space.


In Photo: Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Rack, Folding Exercise Bench, Exercise Mat

Living Room Home Gyms

Those with larger apartments can get away with keeping their Adjustable Dumbbells on display with a storage rack. 

Doing this helps with motivation and habit building as you see your gear every day… making it that much easier to pick up the dumbbells and smash out a few sets. 

In photo: New Years Resolution Bundle with Pro Adjustable Dumbbells, Rack Premium Bench

The Better Body Pro Adjustable Dumbbells and Rack are modern and beautifully designed, making them something a fitness lover would be proud to keep on display.

The Premium Bench gives you full control over exercise variations with 13 adjustable back settings and 3 adjustable seat settings.

In Photo: Standard Squat Rack, Competition Plates, Competition Barbell, Hex Dumbbell Set & Weight Rack

Home Gyms for Spare Rooms

Access to a spare room, like an unused bedroom, office or den, means more chances to customize your home gym setup.

In photo: Power Bundle

In Photo: Better Body Air Bike

While a dumbbell set is great, things like a squat rack or an air bike can help you reach your fitness goals faster - whether you hope to increase strength or improve your conditioning.  

In Photo: Standard Squat Rack, Competition Barbell, Bumper Plates, Gym Floor Tiles, Hex Dumbbell Set & Weight Rack, Air Bike

The Garage or Basement Gym

Have an under-utilized garage or basement?

It might be time to transform it into your dream gym.

Having a designated large space means the ability to build your dream home gym filled with only the equipment you need so you can work out whenever you want, with whoever you want.  

No late fees, no crowds, no smells. 

In Photo: Weight Barbell, Machined Deep Dish Weight Plates, Bundle

Not having access to a garage or basement doesn’t mean lesser quality workouts. 

But if you have one and decide to convert it into your designated workout space, your dream gym can become a reality.

Better Body Ultimate Bundle | Complete Home Gym

Better Body Barbell and Weight Bundle

In Photo: Power Bundle with Squat Rack

The New Years' Resolution Bundle

A bench, a pair of adjustable dumbbells and rack are all you need for an instant home gym that allows a vast variety of workout options.

In Photo: New Years Resolution Bundle with Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Premium Bench

To help you get a head start on your New Years' Resolutions, we put together the New Years' Resolution Bundle - a package deal that saves you 10% on the Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Rack and Premium Bench.

In Photo: Legacy Tee

Introducing the Better Body Legacy Tee... our first venture into apparel.

We know all too well how difficult it is to find well fitting tees for athletic bodies.

So we decided to create our own.

The Legacy Tee is an extremely comfortable 100% Cotton Tee made in the USA with a crew neck, dropped shoulders and soft-to-touch texture. 

Add it to your daily rotation to remind yourself of your goals.

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Home gyms help us achieve our fitness and mental health goals. Equipment toward home gyms are a great gift for that person who’s looking to start (or step up) their fitness journey. 

So if you or a loved one are looking to start your new year's resolution fully prepared, now is the time to start shopping. 

Just make sure you’re quick! 

Holiday season means lots of fitness lovers stocking up and products selling fast.

Purchase by Sunday December 18th to get your gear delivered by Christmas.