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Home Shred+ presented by Brian Neyugn 

Build muscle, loose fat, & gain strength from home in 90 DAYS or less GUARANTEED or your money back.


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Reduce belly fat for good
Get the ripped abs you've always dreamt of without starving yourself through our game-changing approach.

Build Muscle Fast
Follow Brian's secret method to putting on significant muscle mass.

Get Stronger Than You've Ever Been Before
Achieve significant strength gains and lift heavier than you ever imagined possible.

Are You Ready For Results Like These? 

Home Shred is the most easy to follow program requiring minimal equipment to achieve maximum results right at home. .

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Home Shred+ | USA

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Easy To Follow Exercises For Explosive Results

Home Shred teaches you some secret techniques to fully activate your body, dramatically increase your strength, and get ripped all from the comfort of your home.  

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Home Shred+ | USA



Calories & Macros:
Learn how to properly set up and track your calories and macros to cut down fat and put on muscle. 

Unleashing The Secret Power of Intermitten Fasting
How to incorporate intermittent fasting to melt off fat faster than ever before.

Delicious Recipes to Fuel Your Body
Delicious handpicked meals to refuel your body, while hitting all your macros  

What You Will Gain From This Program:

Aesthetic Muscle Proportions with A Proven Training Routine

Lean Down to 6-9% Body Fat 

Sustain Motivation To Both Achieve and Maintain Your New Physique

Easy To Prepare Mouthwatering Recipes That Will Fuel Your Growth

Efficient Circuits That Define Your Abs For That Ripped & Shredded Look  

BONUS: Complete Video Library Of Each Workout Breakdown

Ready To Get Shredded At Home?

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Meet your Instructor: 

Brian Neyugn

Brian is a certified fitness professional from Toronto, Ontario with an online audience of nearly 500,000 people. His fitness journey started 11 years ago with a passion for strength training. Today he has implements a calisthenic and weight training hybrid lifestyle which enables him to build strength and muscle while maintaining a lean body percentage all year round. 

His passion for fitness also led him to discover a huge fitness community worldwide that shares the same interests and passion, making it easy to travel and network with like minded friends. 

He now has 6 years of training experience as a high level personal trainer & is sharing his passion with coaching 1:1 individuals to help them achieve their daily health goals with the purpose of implementing long term lifestyle changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I expect results?
If the workouts are followed with the nutrition portion of this course properly, you can expect results as soon as the first 14 days into the program. After 90 days of following the teachings of this course, you can expect a full transformation.
What equipment do I need?
Home Shred+ is structured to require minimal equipment for explosive results. However, a set of dumbbells, a bench, a skip rope, resistance bands, and a workout mat are recommended to get the most out of this program.
How do I access the course?
Upon purchasing the course, you will be receiving an exclusive login link to your email immediately. Then you will be able to access the course instantly.
How is the program structured?
We'll be combining dumbbells and our body weight with different techniques such as time under tension, and progressive overload to get shredded. The first phase is focused on full-body routines to boost your metabolism and get lean. The second phase is our upper and lower body focused days that help prime your body to build muscle. And our third phase is our push/pull/lower split to help you build strength and density. In addition, we'll be implementing cardio and ab routines in between each phase. The program is designed with one end goal in mind, to get shredded. Following this format will achieve these results.
What happens if I don't like the course?
If you don't like the course for any reason, we offer a full money back guarantee making it completely risk-free to try Home Shred+.

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Opted into this program as I wasn't happy with my strength and size goals. Followed the program for 90 days straight and I definitely notice a big size increase but my abs are actually showing now too.
Before this course, I had a very different definition of being healthy and fit. During this fitness journey, Brian continuously pushed me to grow and stay out of my comfort zone which held me back from the results I truly wanted for years. His coaching was simple but very effective; I was a changed man in 3 months after our fat loss transformation.
If you want a well rounded program, Home Shred+ is the way to go.
I started this program about 2 Months ago and all I have to say is the man knows what he is doing. Killer work outs , and amazing meal plan Highly recommend