Bryan Johnson: Anti Ageing Biohacking

Bryan Johnson: Anti Ageing Biohacking

In the world of fitness, there are those who follow trends and those who set them. 

Bryan Johnson, a tech entrepreneur and biohacking enthusiast, undoubtedly belongs to the latter group, on the extreme side. 

At 45, Johnson claims to have reversed his biological age, boasting the heart of a 37-year-old and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. 

But how does he achieve this, and what can fitness enthusiasts learn from his regimen?

The Blueprint of Anti-Aging

Johnson's journey into the realm of biohacking began with a simple yet profound desire: to optimize his health and extend his lifespan. His $2 million-a-year anti-aging program, known as Project Blueprint, is a testament to his dedication. It's not just about looking young; it's about feeling young, being agile, and maintaining optimal health.

Train Like Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson's fitness regimen is a blend of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercises. While his approach is tailored to his unique goals, you can draw inspiration from his routine to enhance your own workouts.

Cardiovascular Training:

Moderate Intensity: Johnson aims to keep his heart rate between 106 and 159 beats per minute for roughly four and a half hours a week. This can be achieved with steady-state cardio exercises.

High Intensity: He also pushes his heart rate above 159 beats per minute for 90 to 150 minutes per week. This can be replicated with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. 

The Better Body Air Bike is perfect for such workouts, allowing you to alternate between intense bursts and recovery periods.


Strength Training:

Johnson's routine emphasizes working both the front and back of the body for a balanced physique. For these exercises, the Better Body Weight Barbell and Better Body Bumper Plates can be essential.

For those looking to replicate his strength exercises, our Adjustable Power Exercise Bench provides the versatility needed for a range of movements. And if you're aiming to build a complete home gym setup, don't forget the Better Body Power Rack with Pull Up Bar – a perfect addition for compound exercises and pull-ups.


Flexibility Work:

Flexibility is a cornerstone of Johnson's routine. He incorporates exercises like the weighted hamstring stretch, couch stretch, and hip flexor stretch. These exercises not only improve flexibility but also aid in injury prevention and overall mobility.

To enhance these stretches, consider using resistance bands or light weights to add a bit of challenge. 


Core Work:

Johnson doesn't neglect his core. With exercises like leg raises, oblique touches, and back extensions, he ensures a strong and stable midsection.

A strong core is essential for almost every physical activity, from lifting weights to daily chores.


Consistency is Key:

Perhaps the most important takeaway from Johnson's routine is his consistency. He exercises for 45 to 60 minutes, seven days a week. While this might seem intense, it underscores the importance of regular physical activity for optimal health.

What’s your take?

Bryan Johnson's approach to health and fitness might seem extreme, but it's rooted in a simple truth: our bodies are capable of incredible things when given the right tools and training. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, there's something to be learned from his journey.

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