Superhero Spotlight: Fergus Crawley - Hybrid Athlete

Superhero Spotlight: Fergus Crawley - Hybrid Athlete

Real-life superheroes are among us, and they don’t need to fly or have laser vision. They don’t dawn capes or hide behind masks. 

Instead, they wear the sweat and grit from their intense training sessions as badges of honor. 

Their superhuman capabilities are showcased when they push the boundaries of their physical and mental capacities, inspiring the rest of us to redefine what we once deemed as our "limits."

Enter the world of hybrid athletes — a breed of sportsmen and sportswomen who shatter the silos of traditional training. These individuals don't box themselves into a single discipline. Instead, they blend the strength of a powerlifter with the endurance of a marathoner, the agility of a gymnast with the speed of a sprinter. Their holistic approach to fitness challenges the norm and proves that versatility doesn't mean sacrificing expertise in any one domain.

Why is their story so compelling? Because it's not just about breaking records or earning titles. It's a narrative of resilience, of pushing past personal demons and societal expectations. In a world where specialization is often seen as the key to mastery, hybrid athletes like Fergus Crawley remind us that embracing a broader spectrum of challenges can lead to a more profound understanding of our capabilities.

So, as we spotlight Fergus Crawley, let's dive deeper into what it truly means to be a hybrid athlete and how such athletes inspire us to chase after a more comprehensive and ambitious version of our fitness goals.


To the uninitiated, hybrid training might sound like a buzzword, but it's much more than that. 

This dynamic approach to fitness isn't about excelling in just one domain; it's about pushing boundaries in multiple athletic pursuits. 

A hybrid athlete doesn't just settle for lifting heavy weights or running marathons—they aim to do both, and do them exceptionally well. 

It's the amalgamation of strength, endurance, agility, and mental fortitude, painting a comprehensive picture of overall fitness that can't be achieved with just one training discipline alone.

Mental Health & Powerlifting

For Fergus, the journey to the pinnacle of hybrid athleticism wasn't a linear path paved with golden milestones. It was filled with its share of valleys and peaks. 

At 20, when many young adults are navigating the journey of early adulthood, Fergus struggled with his mental health, leading to a suicide attempt. Crawley turned his personal adversities into a purpose, using his past as a catapult towards a brighter future. 

Throughout his time in competitive powerlifting, Fergus Crawley participated in eight prominent events, clinching the gold medal in five. Only twice did he not secure a spot on the podium. The pinnacle of his powerlifting journey was his triumphant victory in the Junior division at the 2016 Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) European Championships. Competing in the -82.5kg weight class, he amassed a remarkable total of 600kg/1,322.7lb.

Like many of us, his passion for powerlifting became one of the pillars for his mental health recovery. His journey is a reminder that the mental battles we face can be as challenging as the physical ones, but both can be overcome with resilience and dedication.

His shift towards becoming a hybrid athlete was fueled, in part, by a personal mission: to amplify the conversation surrounding men's mental health and the pressing issue of suicide prevention.


The transformation from a competition winning powerlifter to a world renowned hybrid athlete is no small feat. 

When most people would be content with achieving a 1,200-pound powerlifting total, Fergus wasn't. He followed it up with a sub-12-hour Iron Man. 

He later embarked on a 'Double Brutal' — a herculean challenge set in the rugged terrains of Snowdonia, Wales, encompassing a 289-mile, non-stop triathlon. Faced with mechanical failures and the sheer physical and mental exhaustion of the task, Crawley still managed to persist, clocking in at over 21 hours on his bike and pushing forward even at the 34-hour mark.

This isn't just about athleticism. It's about the metamorphosis of a man who once doubted his worth, to one who regularly challenges the boundaries of human endurance. It's a manifestation of Crawley's philosophy that setbacks are not representative of one's identity, and that with reflection, resilience, and a focus on continual improvement, one can achieve feats previously deemed unimaginable.


Stepping into the shoes of a hybrid athlete requires a balanced approach to strength, agility, and endurance. Drawing inspiration from Fergus Crawley's intense training regime, here's a guide to incorporating these workouts into your routine, with tips to perfect each exercise and recommendations for equipment to elevate your training:

Deadlifts: This fundamental exercise engages multiple muscle groups, emphasizing the back, legs, and core.

Tip: Ensure your back remains straight, pushing through the heels and engaging the glutes and hamstrings. As the weight increases, protective floor mats can prevent potential floor damage.

(Equipment Recommendation: Invest in multi-purpose equipment like the Better Body Power Rack, Weight Barbell and Weight Plates as well as high-quality floor mats to protect your gym floor and provide a stable surface.)

Box Jumps: Enhance your explosive power and improve leg strength and coordination.

Tip: Start with a soft bend in the knees and use your arms for momentum. As you jump, drive the knees up and land softly on the balls of your feet.

Pull-Ups: Challenge your upper body strength and endurance.

Tip: Keep your core engaged and avoid using momentum to swing up. As you pull yourself up, visualize pulling your elbows down to the floor for better engagement.

Hill Sprints: This cardiovascular workout combines speed and incline to elevate heart rate and improve leg strength.

Tip: Lean slightly forward when sprinting uphill, driving your knees up and pushing off with the balls of your feet. High-grip running shoes ensure stability and reduce the risk of slipping.

Back Squats: A powerlifting classic, back squats target the quads, glutes, and core.

Tip: Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart. As you descend, keep the chest up and knees tracking over the toes.

(Equipment Recommendation: The Better Body Squat Rack provides safety, especially when training with heavier weights.)


Emulating Fergus Crawley's spirit means not just adopting his workouts but embracing the discipline, determination, and commitment he brings to each session. 

Equip yourself with the right tools, train with purpose, and always remember to push beyond what you believe to be your limits.

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