Weight Increments for Adjustable Dumbbells

Weight Increments for Adjustable Dumbbells

Weight training consistently is one of the most beneficial types of exercise to keep your body strong, fit and healthy. Improving full body metabolism, reducing anxiety and depression, increasing mobility and even fighting bone loss are just a few of the benefits you can gain from a weightlifting routine. 

Traditionally, you’d visit your local gym to get your strength training in. Weightlifting requires a decent amount of space for all the equipment required and the area to train in. Thing is, the challenge of simply showing up at the gym is one of the biggest blockers people face when wanting to start a strength-training regimen. Life is busy, traffic is bad, the gym is inconvenient to get to, and sometimes when you get there it’s just too busy to be enjoyable. 

Thankfully there are now more options to get you fit and strong from the comfort of your own home, without needing to clear an entire room for a home gym set up. While you need to make sure you have enough space for your movements while training, the space needed for your workout equipment can be minimized. Stocking up on adjustable dumbbells is the answer.

Adjustable dumbbells offer you access to an entire dumbbell rack while taking up space of only a single pair. Whether you’re already a gym lover or you’re just starting out, you need to have the ability to increase the weight you train with so you can keep getting stronger and keep seeing results. Adjustable dumbbells give you the flexibility of increasing your weight from 5 to 25 or 25 to 70 without needing to purchase additional weights. 

If you’ve never tried a set of adjustable dumbbells before, a few common questions pop up! What exactly are the weight increments we can select from in a set of adjustable dumbbells? How heavy can they go? How do you adjust them? How do you store them? Keep reading to find out.

How heavy do adjustable dumbbells go?

The issue with the smaller, space-saving sets of dumbbells is the lack of weight options. The weight difference between a 3lb, a 5 lb and an 8 lb dumbbell is negligible, yet the whole set will take up an entire corner of your living room. 

Adjustable dumbbells are designed to replace multiple sets of dumbbells while only taking up the space of a single pair, which you can slide in and out of sight. You can select the right adjustable dumbbells set based on their max weight, depending on your needs.

Better Body offers adjustable dumbbells based on the size range you need. 

The Better Body Starter Adjustable Dumbbell Set comes with a pair of rugged adjustable dumbbells that replace 5 whole sets of dumbbells! The weight increments are 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb and 25 lb and can be adjusted by simply twisting the handle. This set is perfect for beginners first looking to build strength. 

The 4.5-44lbs adjustable dumbbell set replaces 6 sets of dumbbells. It offers weight increments of 4.5 lbs, 9 lbs, 18 lbs, 27 lbs, 35 lbs and 44 lbs. Intermediate weightlifters have the versatility of weight variations for an extremely tailored workout with this set. 

The 4.5-70lbs set of adjustable dumbbells replaces 9 sets of dumbbells, providing weight increments of 4.5 lbs, 9 lbs, 18 lbs, 27 lbs, 35 lb, 44 lbs, 53 lbs, 62 lbs and 70 lbs. Advanced strength training enthusiasts will benefit from the range of weights included maximizing muscle punishment.

Keep in mind that even if you select the beginner adjustable dumbbell set and eventually find ease in workouts with 25 lbs, you can always increase the intensity by adding more reps, incorporating supersets, or using resistance bands.

What are the best adjustable dumbbells set?

The best adjustable dumbbells set depends on each individual’s needs. There are a few things to consider.

If you are new to weight lifting, the best adjustable dumbbells might be of the lighter-weight plates. However, you should think of how strong you’d like to be instead of how strong you are right now. This way, you are less likely to outgrow your set too quickly. 

You need to make sure that whichever set you choose, it is easy to adjust. The last thing you need when you’re mid-workout is the frustration of being unable to switch to your desired weight plates! You can save a little by choosing the lower-cost spin lock dumbbells, but you have to account for the extra time you’re spending removing the lock, throwing weight plates on, replacing the lock, and doing the other side. Better Body offers a simple twist weight adjustor with our adjustable dumbbell sets so you can switch weights in seconds.

Better Body's adjustable dumbbell sets have weights adjust twist system that lets you shift weight settings very easily.

Pro tip: Choose a set with a stand so you can easily and safely store your weights when not in use.

Having a high-quality warranty is very advisable for the purchase of adjustable dumbbells. You want to make sure your purchase is protected, and a good warranty will cover every aspect of a product’s malfunction be it parts or labour to fix.

How heavy should my Adjustable Dumbbell Set be?

Your adjustable dumbbells set should contain weight heavy enough to truly challenge you, if you want to see meaningful progress physically and strength wise that is. 

Despite being a beginner, having the option of going up to 44 or even 70 lbs will encourage you to keep making those gains so you can progress to the next level. Sticking with a lower weight set might set you back and keep you comfortable. However, if you choose a lower weight range, you can challenge yourself in other ways like adding reps and performing supersets.

Only you can answer how heavy your dumbbells should be. Think of how often you will be training, and what real progress you’d like to make. The important thing is to always have a mindset of challenging yourself to keep getting stronger and to feel good about exercising consistently. This is the best way to see progress.